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BTopenworld to put broadband users in Detention

BTopenworld are lining up to be the 'Judge Dredds' of the broadband community. Apparently around 200 users had their usernames revoked last night.

Mike Terry has posted in our BTopenworld forum that Openworld are now banning users who change their Home Gateway from the one supplied.

The move is most likely done in an attempt to ensure a particular gateway doesnt become over contended but the only reason users do it is because a lot of the gateways have poor performance, i.e. higher packet loss and more ping spikes. So Openworld is now forcing users to perhaps have an even lower level of service. In the past users have pushed for an official gateway switch but BTopenworld refuse.

Openworld's helpdesk has said that the process is been managed by installed software on the gateways to spot the rogue users - why Openworld is going for this method I'm not sure, they could request BTwholesale to switch on Service Selection Barring and you'd not be able to logon to any gateway other than your pre-assigned. The route Openworld are taking seems to be one to annoy and dishearten their user base.

The Home Gateway used is controlled by the username used at login time, and determines the point at which you emerge from the BTwholesale network onto the ISP's network. Openworld have it is believed over 40 of these with varying sizes of 34Mbps and 155Mbps. HG1 and HG2 are said to be running the software at this time.

In other Openworld news the network doesnt appear to be working well at all, users are able to get good downloads from the internal network, but anything external to BTopenworld is around 256kbps tops and online gaming is a joke due to dropped packets or retransmissions. Tests run by users suggest this isnt the 50:1 contention but rather Openworld having a faulty network, or too many users for the size network they run.


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