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Postman Pat and his black & white regrade facility

Port Address Translation (PAT) on the NAT products is to be available from 22 October, following a 'succesful' trial in September.

BT have also reduced the price of regrades from £75+VAT to £17+VAT allowing changing from NAT to non-NAT or regrading within bandwidths at a much reduced cost, or switching to NAT with PAT from non-NAT for those worried about too much openness.

Another advancement has also been made in the migration of end users to different service providers. A bulk migration process has been implemented allowing a minimum of 51 users to be transfered to another ISP. For a transfer of less than 51, a minimum price equal to that of 51 will apply. Why 51 you may ask.. well with the move towards SDSL, and as we get further into DSL here, only the strong are going to survive, so you may see some ISPs team up to provide services, thus needing to migrate larger numbers of users.

For single user migrations, a draft procedure is being looked at which should enable EU to switch provider on the same day without having to have kit replaced etc. Unfortunatly it will not be possible to switch between IPStream 500 and the IPStreamS products for this.

The minimum term from the original contract is also expected to be transfered to the new contract so that EU don't have to start out with another 12months which is good news.


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