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BT Ireland transfer customers to Vodafone

BT Ireland and Vodafone have signed a deal which will see BT transfer its consumer and small business broadband and voice customers to Vodafone. BT will supply Vodafone with wholesale fixed-line services in return for 7 years.

"This is a very positive chapter in Ireland's telecoms history and will open up the market to greater competition and choice. BT has made remarkable strides in Ireland in recent years in securing landmark managed services deals with corporate customers, the public sector and other communications providers. We will aggressively focus on growing our impressive share of these market segments, while investing in the network access that customers and Ireland Inc. need to compete effectively."

Chris Clark, (CEO) BT Ireland

BT will also invest in the network infrastructure to provide (up-to) 24meg broadband services to around two thirds of its lines and unbundle 58 additional exchanges which will allow other providers to deploy equipment in these exchanges. Currently, 22 exchanges in Ireland have been unbundled.


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