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BTwholesale Launch New Products

Two new products have been launched today to the wholesale market place. BTVideoStream Plus and BTdatastream Home/Office.

VideoStream Plus is the expanded version of the product HomeChoice currently use and will allow them to now supply a full 512kbps of internet access, how HomeChoice implement this or whether they do is unknown at this time.

DataStream Home and Office are two G.DMT wires-only products, they differ from BTipstream (i.e. the current popular DSL product) in that BTwholesale provide it as an ATM connection, the ISP is free to run whatever network protocols over the top of this they like. Also the ISP has control of the contention ratio. The Home product is a rate adaptive version, fixed downstream of 576kbps and a variable upstream, the Office product is fixed speed at 0.5Mbps, 1Mbps and 2Mbps.

The pricing of the BTdatastream product is interesting as it gives some insight into the pricing of BTipstream products and where this may be heading. Also it's possible to work out the costs of different contention levels - some examples are:

0.5Mbps connection
1:1 contention = £60/month
10:1 contention = £28/month
50:1 contention = £25/month

1Mbps connection
1:1 contention = £100/month
10:1 contention = £30/month
50:1 contention = £26/month

2Mbps connection
1:1 contention £170/month
10:1 contention £37/month
50:1 contention £28/month

The price of a raw connection is £280/year and is included in the above figures. These figures exclude VAT and an ISP would have to add the cost of ADSL hardware for end-user, orders/support centre, internal network costs, mail/ftp servers etc

What this indicates is that currently a 50:1 512kbps service without any ADSL hardware is around £25/month, which is the rough wholesle price that is rumoured to be on the cards for BTipstream wires-only when it appears in the New Year.


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