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Protecting your children in a digital world

Ofcom have released a consumer guide for parents to help them protect children in a digital world, particularly with the summer holidays now upon us. Statistics show that two-thirds of 5-7 year olds now use the Internet at home, a fifth of these without an adult present. Over four-fifths of 12-15 year olds are online and on average spend 14 hours a week online, with a third of these mostly accessing the 'net from their bedroom.

The guide covers setting parental control functions on television to restrict access to channels that can be viewed and also has tips on how to help your children to use the Internet safely.

Click play below to see a video summary of the guide.

(Click the HD button to watch in higher quality.)


How patronising is this?!!

  • BandAid
  • over 11 years ago

Seemed quite reasonable to me as a starting point. You have to remember that the target audience will not be those who are experienced net users. So yes, it needs to be explained in very simple terms.

  • mishminx
  • over 11 years ago

As someone who earns his living from writing and producing targeted learning support materials, I don't think it's patronising at all. I think it's a pretty good, jargon-free, piece of communication that lots of users will find useful. And YouTube is the perfect platform for its disemmination, too.

  • colinbarrett
  • over 11 years ago

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