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BTOpenworld Confirms the Throttling of Peer 2 Peer Apps

In a post in our BTopenworld forum here, Paul Spiteri has posted a statement from BTopenworld.

The statement goes on to say that BTopenworld actively monitor their network's useage and they've found a small number of users are using a large amount of the capacity - to reduce the effect of these they have put throttling in place on those ports used by the peer to peer applications, i.e. to slow the applications down. BTopenworld say they are looking at lifting the restrictions for off peak hours i.e. 1:30am to 9am.

The big surprise is the next part - that Openworld are looking at releasing a product more suited to users wanting to run peer 2 peer applications at a price that is a reflection of their network useage. So after you've been kicked off of BTinternet for been online too much, it looks like you may be stung for using the wrong sort of applications too much. Perhaps users making excessive use of FTP or streaming video are next?

It's worth mentioning that at this time no other ISP has a similar restrictions in place that we are aware of. Any price rise will bring them into the price range of other ISP's making the users choice of ISP even harder.


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