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Sky embraces fully unbundled solutions

Currently Sky telephone products are based on Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) or Carrier Pre Selection (CPS) where BT telephone hardware is used at the exchange, but Sky handles all the billing and customer service. After rumours of Sky moving towards a fully unbundled model, DigitalSpy has details of what the firm which has over 2 million broadband customers will be doing.

In areas where Sky has the capability it will fully unbundle the telephone line for new customers signing up, to provide the broadband and telephone service from its own hardware in the exchange. Existing broadband and telephone customers will be given a choice whether to move across, whether there will be any cost saving to the consumer is unclear. Line rental from Sky using WLR is £10 a month, moving to full LLU may allow for a further reduction as incentive to switch.

The issues of how you change provider if you decide to switch has not improved much with full LLU, things are complicated by the need to find a telephone provider and broadband provider. A process does exist which is not part of the MAC system and is known as a Simultaneous Provide, where the phone and broadband orders are linked by the Linked Order Reference Number (LORN).

At least Sky is asking existing customers if they want to move networks, a number of other providers have either not informed customers of changes, or hidden them behind a mantle of upgrades that the customer cannot opt out of.


quote"At least Sky is asking existing customers if they want to move networks"

Something scumbags like Tiscali never did... However even as what some would call a BT basher i wouldnt be in a hurry to hand over your phone service, if you are unhappy its a mare to get back with BT (and in alot of cases will cost you a huge chunk).

  • over 11 years ago

The cost of going back to back is less of an issue at present. There are WLR deals for new lines, so WLR providers should be keener to take your business.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 11 years ago

Lets hope Sky's fully unbundled service has lower latency than it does piggy backing on BT's gear. Fed up of having my ass-fragged on our own UK servers by people in continental Europe with better pings than me!

  • TonyP
  • over 11 years ago

@TonyP - there's unlikely to be any difference in what you experience from Sky broadband as this move is all about unbundling the phone service alongside the broadband. The ADSL goes through the same kit in the same places. Sky might use different equipment to split out the service in the exchange, but that won't improve the IP latency I'm afraid.

  • peeebeee
  • over 11 years ago

As Sky have announced a move to "full unbundling" this summer does this mean that people like me who at present can only get Sky Connect at a currently discounted £10 per month will now have access to their full broadband range and the lower prices that go with them?

  • tonyrush
  • over 11 years ago

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