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Ofcom reduce time for complaints going to ADR

From the 1st September 2009, broadband users will have the ability to raise a complaint with an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) scheme, such as Otelo and CISAS, after 8 weeks. This sees a reduction in the time by 4 weeks down from the current 12 weeks.

Statistics show that approximately 87% of all complaints are resolved within 4 weeks, 93% within 8 weeks, and within 12 weeks, only 93% are still solved. These numbers show that the majority of complaints tend to get solved early on in the complaints process but later, there is often little change. Bringing this forward will obviously help these complaints get sent to ADR quicker which should reduce the time for things to get resolved.

Other proposals that were put forward in the July 2008 consultation include facilitating Ofcom monitoring and advising users that the ADR process exists 5 working days after receiving a complaint. Responses to the consultation indicated that these needed further thought as there were concerns over the costs of implementing. A further consultation will be released to cover these issues.

Full details are available from the Ofcom website.


Good news indeed for us consumers and bad news for the fly-by-night ISPs, only thing i would say is would had been even nicer if they reduced it to 4 weeks

  • over 11 years ago

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