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Ofcom nets over £7.8 million in fines

Ofcom has published its first Enforcement Report that details the regulator has issued almost £7.83 million in broadcasting fines due to breaches in the Broadcasting Code and fined companies over £100,000 for breaking the rules on silent calls. 28 criminals were also prosecuted for illegal use of the airwaves.

The report includes details of the introduction of General Condition 22 (GC22) which came in to force in February 2007 to help consumers with broadband migrations. The number of complaints about failures to provide MACs (migration authorization code) is shown to have risen to a peak of just over 800 for March 2007 but had fallen to just over 300 in December 2008.

Two providers that have been singled out by Ofcom for breaches of GC22 include Prodigy Internet Ltd, who received a £30,000 fine for failing to provide required information to Ofcom, and Pipex for failing to meet it's obligations in relation to customers who wish to migrate to another provider.

Further information can be found detailing the failings and notices sent to both Prodigy and Pipex under Ofcom's own-initiative enforcement programme.


No shocker about Pipex, i was with previously and about a year or two ago, they were terrible at giving out MACs, even if you got yours i remember distinctly in these forums stories of people who had recieved a MAC email and it wasnt even for them or their line (addressed to a completely different person).
One wonders why they were not fined for slamming also as they would often move peoples telephone service over without asking or telling you first.

  • over 11 years ago

As to Prodigy, have they not filed for bankruptcy or similar? Good luck getting a penny of your fine out of them ofcom.

  • over 11 years ago

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