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Do you want DSL for £20?

Well a report released today and featured on The Register it says that for DSL services to have mass market appeal the retail price needs to drop to £20-£30.

The report is by a task group on Content and Demand Generation which reported to the Broadband Stakeholders Group and passed the report onto the Government. In essence they accent that the current costs of providing the service mean that £20 DSL isnt going to happen - the only way would be via subsidy.

What effect this report will have is unknown - plenty of people in and out of the industry know that for mass market adoption of DSL the price needs to be lower.

On a side note Sir Peter of BT has been addressing people at a Royal Engineering Lecture and accusses the public debate of broadband as been 'disconnected from reality' and that LLU is a small part of the broadband vision. Perhaps he is trying to raise awareness of Satellite broadband in time for BTopenworld's launch of their retail service and at the same time continue the theme that LLU isnt the 'answer to life, the universe and everything'.


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