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Openworld make Peer to Peer appear Slowworld

Users of the Openworld broadband service have variously complained about peer 2 peer application speeds in the last few weeks, mainly affecting Kazza, Gnutella and EDonkey.

An enterprising Software Developer Mark Hutton who is using the BTO Home 500 service has run some tests sending just data between two machines on the various ports that the sharing programs use, a summary of the results follows:

Napster Port 6699 58.1KB/sec
Gnutella Port 6346 3.75KB/sec
Edonkey Port 4662 1.5KB/sec
Kazza   2.8KB/sec
Test (Kazza port+1) 58.1KB/sec

It does very much look like some form of throttling intentional or otherwise is occurring on traffic through BTopenworld. Perhaps BTopenworld are running a maximum bandwidth per port policy, and restricting some ports to ensure that any single application does not overwhelm the network - there is no documentation to suggest this or any feedback to users from the helpdesk. The full post and discussion can be seen in our forums here.


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