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Orange shows interest in Kangaroo

Orange in France has been offering IPTV via a set-top box and its LiveBox for sometime, and it looks like it is considering buying Project Kangaroo which was effectively blocked by a Competition Commission decision in February 2009.

The Guardian ran with the story on Monday, and points out that this is not likely to be for use in the UK market, but rather to bolster the Orange TV service which France Telecom runs in its home country.

Those behind Project Kangaroo which includes BBC WorldWide, ITV and Channel 4 are said to have invested around £20m into the technology, which Orange may now be able to pick up for a lot less. BBC WorldWide is the commercial arm of the BBC, which means the investment will not have wasted license fee money.


Wish Orange would hurry up and start selling the iPhone...


  • webchem
  • over 12 years ago

They sell it in France why not here. I enquired in France and they said it would not work in the UK as O2 have blocked the use of it. Why isn't the competition panel working on this.

  • Pete-W-Trotman
  • over 12 years ago

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