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Is it an upgrade or downgrade?

BTopenworld are running another FREE install offer from 1st October to 31st October 2001. The catch been that you must be an existing BTopenworld AnyTime or BTopenworld for BT surf package user, i.e. on one of the BTinternet unmetered packages. Registering now is no good either you had to have been a customer on 31st September, and the offer also only applies if your install is done by 31st November 2001.

One feels perhaps that the offer is to give BTopenworld an upgrade path for those users they feel are using the unmetered packages too much - though judging from the very mixed reactions from existing BTopenworld broadband users some will consider it a downgrade.

As BTopenworld themselves have said they wish to concentrate on becoming a service provider rather than a content provider, I think many users would agree that at this time they'd rather BTopenworld concentrate on giving users the sort of access that users on other DSL ISP's appear to get.

We would like to remind users that with the very fluid pricing situation, always phone the ISP's on your shortlist to confirm the pricing. View a list of ISP's here.


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