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Moving Edge launches SDSL services in Brighton and Hove

  • Saturday, September 29, 2001 11:13 AM

We've all heard about the different kinds of DSL services that exist, but almost none of us have a choice as ADSL is the only technology available to the majority of users. Moving-Edge has announced a symmetric service, initially launching in Brighton and Hove. Prices start from £2995 per year for a 2Mbps burstable line with a guaranteed rate of 256Kbps (contended 16:1). This can be upgraded to 1:1 contention, although the price of this leased-line equivalent service is £13,995. The main drawback is the yearly-advance payment. Installation is another £995. All excluding VAT.

With a service level guarantee and symmetric bandwidth, this service is capable of hosting servers (and the company even goes so far as to encourage it). The key to success will be the effect and spread of the contention (which so far as ADSL has been concerned, there have been no wide-scale problems). At significantly more than double the cost of Easynet and Griffin 2Mbps ADSL lines (and with SLG being implemented in the not too distant future) one would have to have a very good reason for requiring both symmetric and guaranteed bandwidth. This is therefore more of a leased-line replacement rather than an upgrade to ADSL.


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