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BT Q3 results show steady increase in broadband subscribers

BT's third quarter results which take the company up to 31st December 2008 showed BT Retail broadband revenue growing by 9% with 83,000 net additions in the quarter bringing the total to 4.7m broadband subscribers. BT Vision, the IP television product approached the 400,000 customer mark, up 58,000 from the last quarter's 340,000. Overall BT Retail saw a decrease in gross profit of 0.4% partly due to a 7% decline in calls and line revenue.

BT Wholesale have seen a 2% decrease in revenue (down to £1,183m) and also a 10% decrease in gross profit partly due to continued migration to LLU, whilst Openreach revenue has increased because of this and the provision of Ethernet backhaul services which are often used to support the LLU products.

"Three of our businesses performed ahead of expectations in the quarter and the group, excluding Global Services, delivered the best year on year profit growth for five years. However, as previously announced, the group results have been severely impacted by the performance of our Global Services division."

Ian Livingston, (CEO) BT

The Global Services division offer consultancy and telecom network services abroad.


Well atleast Openreach is doing okay...

...shouldn't be too long until its sold off then.

  • Spectre_01
  • over 12 years ago

"The Global Services division offer consultancy and telecom network services abroad."

In the UK and abroad, I assume.

Global Services is responsible for about half of BT's £8bn/year revenue and is also the bit of BT which was responsible for a £300M+ writeoff in the Q3 results, likely with more to come. One of the top two contracts which have big problems for BT Global is the NHS Program for IT (BT expected £2+Bn from NPfIT in the next ten years).

  • c_j_
  • over 12 years ago

Public inquiry required i think.

  • ruskin0
  • over 12 years ago

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