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BTwholesale to Release Additional USB Modem (Updated)

BTwholesale are to start deploying a Fujitsu USB modem in addition to the Alcatel USB modem on the BTipstream 500 product from December 2001.

The capabilities of this modem are described as been identical to the Alcatel device, so far the only ISP known to be deploying this modem is Manx Telecom.

There are two modems it may be, the most likely is FDX305 which has been suggested by BTwholesale previously, and possibly the newer FDX310. Both modems claim drivers supporting Microsoft Windows® 98 and ME, Windows® 2000 and Apple Macintosh® OS8 and OS9. But in common with the Alcatel device they are powered by the USB bus.

Whether users will have a choice over which modem is not clear at this time. Hopefully it's a sign that BTwholesale is clearing it's inventory in time for the release of a 'wires-only' service in early 2002.

A little further news is that Service Selection Barring, i.e. the system that locks you down to using a single ISP and Home Gateway is to be switched on permanently during October and November 2001, the process will be done ISP by ISP who should get a couple of weeks notice of when it will happen.


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