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Ireland to get 100% broadband coverage by September 2010

A €223m government broadband scheme will see Ireland plug its broadband not-spots to provide access to all of the country. Partly funded by the EU, the tender was awarded to Three who announced that it will allow the creation of 170 direct jobs. At the moment around 10% of the population, or approximately 33% of the area of the country is without broadband services.

Three will deploy the service using HSPA (high-speed packet access) mobile technology which will provide a minimum download speed of 1.2 meg and a maximum of 5 meg. There are plans to increase the speeds available through the life time of the contract with improvements in July 2010 to see a minimum of 1.6 meg download and maximum 6.8 meg, increasing to 2.3 meg minimum and 10.4 meg maximum in October 2012. A 12GB download usage limit will apply. Services will be charged at €19.99 per month.

Not all of the country will be reachable by mobile broadband, so limited use of satellite technology will also be used for around 8% of the country. More details are available from the National Broadband Scheme section of the website.


"will provide a minimum download speed of 1.2 meg" that can't be right! How can the guarantee that throughput won't fall below that. I Struggle to get 0.1Mbps on three's HSDPA network in the UK.

  • timmay
  • over 12 years ago

well the €223m might help pay for some backbone :-)

  • herdwick
  • over 12 years ago

"a maximum contention ratio of 36:1"

So the actual minimum is not 1.2Mbps, it's misleading. And you get 12GB down with 5c/MG excess.

As usual, any sort of fixed line broadband avaliablity means you'd be silly to use it.

  • Dawn_Falcon
  • over 12 years ago

a stop gap solution, not the end game. The end game is to replace the copper with fibre. Anything under 10meg is obsolete technology. Waste of public money IMHO. Fibre is £0.90p a metre.

  • cyberdoyle
  • over 12 years ago

Plus the cost of putting it into the ground.

FTTC makes far more sense -it's a small fraction of the price of FTTH an avoids digging up every single street and overinvesting in a single technology.

More, it can be done without a single penny of public money

  • Dawn_Falcon
  • over 12 years ago

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