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Xrio sign new distribution deal with Bell Micro

Xrio, a specialist in bonding and load balancing appliances, yesterday announced a partnership with Bell Micro for distribution of the Xrio product range to the Bell Micro reseller partners. Xrio offer a unique portfolio of products which include devices such as their new UBMi range starting from £699 that integrate multi-port ADSL modems to allow bonding of circuits using just one device to give businesses a redundant and faster broadband connection. They also offer high-end bonding appliances that can transfer 3 Gbps (gigabits per second) of traffic using routing, NAT, QoS or VPN which are aimed at ISPs and corporates who need to support up to 10,000 users.

"We are the manufacturer of a unique and market leading range of products and it is paramount to Xrio that we communicate our message through a trusted partner, which is Bell Micro. To have access to an established sales channel through a reputable and successful organisation like Bell Micro is the perfect way to take our products to market, and our company to the next level."

Shelley Garbutt-Wilson, (Director of Sales) Xrio

One unique product they offer is a virtualised software version of their UBM hardware appliance called VBond that can be run on existing VMware or Xen installations to provide bonded IP and VPN services to customers. A risk free 30 day trial is available on their website.


isn't this standard linux functionality?

  • timcoote
  • over 12 years ago

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