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Which goes after Davenport Lyons

Davenport Lyons, the law firm that has been behind letters to UK broadband users accusing them of copyright theft is now being chased by UK consumer group Which?. A complaint has been raised with the SRA (Solicitors Regulatory Authority) by Which? on behalf of innocent consumers as it believes that Davenport Lyons have been "bullying" and "excessive" when demanding money.

Davenport Lyons have been sending out letters on behalf of clients such as Atari (who have now severed ties with the firm) and the porn industry demanding £500 on behalf of rights holders or further action will be taken in court. Some people believed to be innocent of downloading the copyrighted material have paid up to stop the threatening letters, with one user even cancelling his broadband connection after his claims of innocence were ignored.

"We think the SRA needs to take urgent action against Davenport Lyons. In the current financial climate, we expect an increase in the action that companies may want to take against individuals."

Deborah Prince, (head of legal affairs) Which?

More details are available on the Which? website and if you have been wrongly accused by Davenport Lyons, Which? have provided an e-mail address to get in touch.


About time too.
And on the day two solicitors have been struck off, for scamming millions of pounds from miners (many of whom only received around £1,000 of their compensation claims)!
These attempts by DL are nothing more than a money making scheme, and if some sources are to be believed, the content was put up with the sole intention of making it easily available for download (resulting in many more "claims").

  • adebov
  • over 12 years ago

^^^ AGREED 100% about time somebody hassled these clowns the same way they hassle innocent people, lets hope an organisation with some conads takes serious action against these Davenport fools. Its another example of the legal system being bigger cooks than the crooks thereself.

  • over 12 years ago

SRA a sweet acronym, for dsl and legal things. :)

  • chrysalis
  • over 12 years ago

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