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Penrhyndeudraeth has a solution to blackouts on the way

Penrhyndeudraeth featured in our news back in August 2008 over problems with broadband outages, and it seems the problems are ongoing. The most recent period being 12th November to 1st December according to people in the area.

In an attempt to show the level of annoyance at the ongoing problems an online petition has been started at, and at the time of writing has some 80 signatories.

We have contacted BT Wholesale to see what if any works are planned for the exchange, and were told that what is hoped to be a final fix is scheduled for 10th December. The solution being to bring the main ATM based back haul network closer to the town. The exchange in the area is due for its 21CN upgrades in the first quarter of 2010.

While a few days without broadband may seem of little consequence to some, there will be small businesses relying on ADSL services, and others working from home rather than traveling to work every day. The size of the town also means none of the usual unbundling operators are available.


The problems have not been resolved yet the situation improved slightly on the 19th December after not able to download e-mails etc for over 2 weeks I am now getting about 2mg download but nowhere near the 8mg I am paying for according to the openreach engineer the ATM equipment was moved from Pwllheli to Porthmadog on 19th and this was thought to cure the problem but while it has improved it is not cured and in the words of the engineer even the boffins are scratching their heads over the problem.

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  • over 12 years ago

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