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BTopenworld Reposition in Market Place

Several other news sites have carried the news about BTopenworld dropping the in-house content from the BTopenworld portal.

This is a move in BTopenworld to shift from been seen as a content provider to an access provider. Other moves in this area are already under way.

BTopenworld have just launched a new Teleworker package aimed at companies who want to allow groups of workers to work from home using Virtual Private Networks (VPN) technology across ADSL into the Office. The package is based around the users having a USB connection at home, and it's presumed an ethernet ADSL connection at the office end, the package pricing is based on a minimum of 10 users and breaks down as follows:
Head Office £995 installation and monthly rental of £199 and £150 install and £59.99 per home VPN user. The package is a managed service with training to users and is based around the Avaya VPN product range.

In other Openworld news, it's to be noted that in the 3 months to end of June they made an operating loss of £41m on sales of £46m and perhaps one move intended to improve the situation is to rebrand BTinternet and BTclick to all be under the BTopenworld name.


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