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Singapore to use Epitiro to measure broadband quality

Singapore has selected the Epitiro ISP-I product to assess a number of metrics for broadband within Singapore. The ISP-I product will be used to measure things like latency and throughput of the major broadband suppliers in the country.

"The IDA is committed to growing Singapore into a dynamic global information and communications hub. We are delighted to serve as an independent advisor to the IDA on the quality of Singapore’s broadband service delivery."

Gavin Johns, CEO, Epitiro

The ISP-I system is different to the one deployed in partnership with our bandwidth meter, ISP-I replicates user activity to gain an understanding of how connections work, and since it does not run on a users own connection it can be more intrusive in the number of tests run. The Isposure software installed with tbbMeter runs just the one throughput test daily to avoid using up too much of anyone's monthly usage allowance.


Epitiro....... Hold on are they not the BT love child who only ever compare around 6 providers at a time??????
I guess some comms company in Singapore must have some free cash laying about to wave under their noses.
Epitiro from past readings of their so called figures here are as much use in assessing who is "best" as what a chocolate tea pot is holding hot water.

  • over 12 years ago

yeah their name rings a bell and I think they the one who dodgily find BT top of scores and only check a few isps.

  • chrysalis
  • over 12 years ago

Just had a look back..... They compare ISPs like Tiscali, Orange and BT LOL.... No shocker the oil lubing their pockets comes out top

  • over 12 years ago

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