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Ashley Highfield leaves Kangaroo for Microsoft

Project Kangaroo which has slowly been on its way for some months now has a new interim boss in the form of Rod Henwood formerly of Channel 4. The outgoing chief executive was Ashley Highfield who only started with the commercial catch-up TV project in July 2008 and has moved to a position in Microsoft.

The Guardian reveals that Mr Highfields new position at Microsoft will be that of managing director and vice-president of consumer and online UK.

"We would like to thank Ashley for leading Project Kangaroo through a crucial stage in its development, and we wish him well for the future,"

Ben McOwen Wilson, the chairman of Kangaroo

Project Kangaroo is currently delayed due to an ongoing investigation by the Competition Commission which will look at what the implications are for the TV market, and particularly sales of DVD's from TV series and shows. Project Kangaroo is intended to be a joint venture between a number of broadcasters and BBC Worldwide where people can buy downloads of shows after they have otherwise vanished from the various free online catch-up services.

This move by Highfield almost completes a circle as Erik Huggers who is the current BBC Director of Future Media and Technology, was previously a Microsoft Executive and Ashley Highfield held this role at the BBC from 2000 to 2008.


OMG the BBC use DRM bloat on Iplayer and now this... Another 2 organisations too buddy, buddy lets hope it fails otherwise thats Iplayer down the pan and us paying for TV catch up content we already pay a license fee for.
Project Kangaroo can take a running jump IMO (pun intended).

  • over 12 years ago

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