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CountyBroadband reaches out to Long Melford

For people in Long Melford who suffer slow ADSL connections, and for that matter people living in places like Gestingthorpe, Coggeshall, Aldham, Bures, Stisted and West Bergholt and other villages in the Essex/Suffolk borders there is an alternative to the ADSL services. offers a wireless broadband service, that utilises an external antenna that is mounted on your roof to provide a range of broadband speeds.

The expansion of the the County Broadband service to Long Melford is covered in the Suffolk Free Press. Services start at £10.99 a month for a 1Mbps symmetric connection, rising to £29.99 for 8Mbps down and 4Mbps up, with the highest priced connection offering symmetric 15Mbps speeds for £74.99. Two install options are available, a basic £99 install which will install the roof-top antenna and connect your computer. For £149 they will set-up an internal wireless network so you can use your broadband whereever you like in the property. For those wanting a public IP address and a higher share of the traffic capacity, a Network Pro product range is available ranging from £49 to £299 a month.

For people who do not live within a mile or so of the telephone exchange, wireless networks like County Broadband do offer speeds in excess of what ADSL and even what ADSL2+ will achieve for those on long lines.


I wonder if that would work here? LOL. We cannot get Freeview, or use mobile phones for speech, though it is just possible to send and receive text messages. The Park Wardens radios go dead here. We can't get Channel 5 using an aerial. Channel 4 and BBC2 are poor so we have to pay for Sky on top of the TV licence.
No cable laid out here, and BT rate our phone line as 512kbps....though we actually get 1.6 MB since signing up with Talktalk.

  • dragon1945
  • over 12 years ago

so where is this 'twilight zone' then??? the lack of B2 & C4 means it must be really 'out there'...

It would help if people actually said where they are, to generate more company interest!!

  • comnut
  • over 12 years ago

Very odd you can get BBC1 and ITV1 but not BBC2 and C4 which come from the same transmitters.

  • Somerset
  • over 12 years ago

well first we need to know what transmitter in the country he is using... some deep valleys up north(not that far away from main towns even!) even find difficulty getting B1 and B2..

So, dragon1945, at least tell us your main transmitters, if you want to keep private...

  • comnut
  • over 12 years ago

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