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17 million broadband connections boosted by over 5 million LLU.

The latest Telecommunications Market Report from Ofcom pegs the number of broadband connections in the UK up at 16.2 million for the end of Q1 2008. This is a rise of 592,000 connections since Q4 2007. Recent figures released from the OTA show that LLU numbers are now over 5 million, so this is likely to push the total current broadband connections in the UK, along with other additions to over 17 million.

  Total BT Retail DSL Other DSL Virgin Media Other (inc. LLU) BT Retail Share
2005 9,894 2,311 4,717 2,666 201 23.4%
2006 15,606 3,103 5,530 3,059 1,304 23.8%
2007 Q1 13,875 3,541 5,243 3,146 1,918 25.5%
2007 Q2 14,383 3,716 5,017 3,192 2,459 25.8%
2007 Q3 14,986 3,960 4,489 3,308 3,229 26.4%
2007 Q4 15,606 4,139 4,290 3,414 3,764 26.5%
2008 Q1 16,198 4,289 4,071 3,502 4,336 26.5%
Summary of residential and small business broadband connections (000's)

The BT retail share of the market has stayed fairly stagnant with the same percentage of the total as compared with the last quarter, however LLU is continuing to boost the 'Other' figure which has now exceeded BT retail's share for the first time in 2008. The 'Other DSL' has also seen a continued drop, but this is due to operators migrating more lines over to LLU services.

In more up to date figures released today by the Office of the Telecommunications Adjudicator, September saw the number of LLU connections break through the 5 million barrier to 5.032 million.

The OTA have also announced the release of the long awaited best pratice guide for broadband migrations, which is now available on the Openreach website and advise that continued development will occur to this. One area that needs processes being developed is the migration to and back from 21CN products, including next generation access (NGA) such as fibre to the home, and the existing services already available.


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