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The continuing saga of RedTen Internet

ISPReview have picked up on further news about Fatcat Internet, the company which acquired the assets of RedTen Internet in June this year following the cease of supply from their provider NJPServices.

A recorded message on the Fatcat support line (0871 317 1004) reports that they have ceased providing support to the ex-RedTen customers due to non-payment. The message is unclear about who hasn't paid who, but provides a contact number for Clode, the finance company behind both RedTen and Fatcat who should be contacted for any further queries.

Forum posts on suggest that some users have had success in getting MAC codes from Clode, and the best advice at the moment for any users affected is to try and get in touch with Clode to arrange a migration away to another provider. Users should ensure they do not owe further money if going down this route.


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