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August a quiet month for LLU

The month of August 2008 saw a growth of 87,000 unbundled connections to bring the UK total to 4,961,000 lines. The rate of growth of LLU would appear to be slowing down, but seasonal factors rather than a slip in popularity may be to blame. Other factors such as providers having moved the bulk of the customers they wanted to onto LLU services may well explain the slow down. Wholesale line rental where you pay your telephone line rental to a provider other than BT, but still retain choice of broadband provider continues to increase in popularity with 5.01 million lines (4.87 million in July 2008), but Carrier Pre-selection (CPS) is continuing its decrease in popularity, falling to 5.05 million lines (5.74 million in July 2008).

As always the full Telecommunications Adjudicator report provides more detail on the ongoing interactions between the various communication providers. One area of contention being looked into is whether BT is being given undue access to allocated space and power within LLU exchanges, and the OTA2 is overseeing an audit with a report due in October.

Migrations is perhaps the most visible area of work for the OTA2 that impacts on the consumer, and the August report highlights that tag issues got worse that month. It would seem a combination of tag problems with two specific broadband providers (who go unnamed) and also an increase in complaints due to erroneous BT data were observed. The BT Wholesale tags team used to be one of the small areas of BT Wholesale visible to the consumer, but this was moved to be accessible only by broadband providers. The tag support desk may be further moved from BT Wholesale to Openreach in an effort to improve resolution of tag issues, though of course the perfect scenario is for tag issues to not occur.


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