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Telecommunications Adjudicator releases July figures

Unbundled services continue to grow in number, up 114,000 in the last month to 4,874,000 though the latest report from the Telecommunications Adjudicator warns that the rate of growth for LLU has reduced significantly.

Good news for those switching services is that migration performance is meeting the targets set, though with millions of broadband connections in the UK this still means a fair number of people may have problems. Hopefully Openreach and communications providers will continue to work on this to reduce the volume of problems even further.

In relation to the systems Openreach makes available for ordering and reporting faults two main problem areas have been identified:

  1. Communications providers seem unable to consume new functionality as soon as it becomes available.
  2. EMP development capability is unable to keep pace with aggregate demand for new requirements.

These look to be almost classic software problems, new features are added at the request of one customer, but others are struggling to integrate the changes into their own IT systems. It is problems like this that can cause frustration for end-users when they have for example a tag problem, but no-one in a provider they talk to is aware of what to do, even though a dedicated BT Wholesale help desk exists to resolve these problems.

The slowdown for unbundled connections may be down to many factors, so it is too early to say unbundling has run out of steam. It is likely to be a combination of providers slowing down the rate at which they unbundle exchanges as they reach their roll-out target, and factors such as the start of the summer silly season when people are thinking of holidays and not switching provider.


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