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7Digital in discussion over music sales with providers

7Digital is one of the sites that you can buy music from online, and offers a mixture of DRM free MP3 files and WMA format files with prices starting at 50p per track.

What is of interest is that according to PC Pro, 7Digital has entered into discussions with broadband providers to offer downloadable music to customers as a part of their broadband deal. It looks like this would mainly be a billing arrangement, so that the tracks you bought on 7Digital would be added to the monthly bill from your provider.

Partnering with the broadband providers could be a clever marketing move, since if they can be mentioned as a simple source of legal music downloads on any file sharing letter sent out, the sales at the company mentioned are likely to increase.


Semi-tongue in cheek but also possibly serious - the ISP could even offer unlimited at a fixed price. If things got out of hand they could merely apply their standard FUP to the customer's usage as a whole!

Non-FUP ISPs would need to have a variable charge presumably, but even that could be banded fixed cost like bandwidth itself.

  • uniquename
  • over 12 years ago

Some of the music albums offered on this site - Well, one can go buy the same CD cheaper from a shop or online supplier.

  • shaunhw
  • over 12 years ago

Their should be a good compromise in regards to music being bought,if prices were right people would go for it,a deal so ISPs pay the music companys & for a little extra on ur net (say £5) u can download a number of tracks,labels get paid & users legally get music eligible for chart.

It is in theory whats needed,or a monthly to these companys & u can get so many downloads,would work.

Just compromise with the public, then a lot of illegal sharing would stop,I think the public majority would be happy.

As long as its worthy to both partys,surely their IS a balance & compromise somewhere

  • robbieglover2k7
  • over 12 years ago

quote"...prices starting at 50p per track."

Got my hopes up, took one look saw the more common price is 99p per track, laughed, closed explorer..... Like im gonna pay the same for an album in rubbish degraded mp3 format, when i could have it for same or similar money from woolies in better quality on a nice disc, with nice artwork and a case.........
Just another typical overpriced MP3 service (apart from the odd speckle of 50p tracks.... make em 30p see an average 10 song album costs 3 quid aka around a third of a shop bought cd and ill consider it).

  • over 12 years ago

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