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Oftel push unbundling of the Local Loop

Oftel have released information that they are bringing into full effect Clause 83 of BT's license (as added in April 2000). This is the requirement to provide 'access network facilities' to other providers in the currently BT operated exchanges. This will come into effect on 08 August 2000.

Being reasonable, Oftel recognise that BT cannot provide total access to all services immediatly due to the requirements of equipment to be installed. Hence, BT must accept orders from other Telecommunication companies to co-locate equipment and install External Tie circuits (phone lines) in/to the exchangesby September 01 2000. Any work must be completed so that service providers who have ordered before December 2000 are able to release services to customers no later than 01 July 2001.

This should allow for provision of telecommunication services using standard copper telephone lines which are currently operated by BT, from those providers that request space in the exchanges. It is hoped that this will decrease prices in the UK for phone calls, and DSL products.

This action is likely due to the EU courts pushing BT also, and if Oftel just sit back and watch, they will appear weak.

The full article from Oftel can be seen here.
Section 83 of BT's licence can be seen here.

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