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Telecommunications Adjudicator releases May figures

The May 2008 update from the Telecommunications Adjudicator has been released. It reports the number of unbundled lines is at 4.64 million, with another 4.82 million lines using a Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) product and some 5.81 million opting for a Carrier Pre Selection (CPS) package.

Some interesting comments are made in this update, namely that while Openreach is missing some release dates for software and systems, one reason given is the time spent on regression testing to ensure that the numerous previous versions in use by communication providers will continue to work, is taking longer than expected. In an ideal software world whenever a new version was available all odd versions would be replaced, thus avoiding the need to maintain old versions of code.

We have mentioned a Migrations Best Practice Guide a couple of times now and while the report suggests this has been released it is actually still a few days away. The matrix of possible migration paths between providers should act as a guide for service providers. We will endeavour to produce a more consumer oriented version, but often the problem is that the consumer is not aware of which wholesale product they are connected to.

A big change in the last few weeks has been the removal of access for consumers to the BT Wholesale Tag help desk which was useful for when broadband orders were rejected due to a tag or marker being on the line. The functionality and ability for broadband providers to resolve these problems is now available to them and people with tag problems should contact their broadband provider. Ofcom and the OTA are monitoring the situation to see if broadband providers make proper use of the support from Openreach. Generally third tier support staff should have access to the appropriate systems. We hope providers have briefed the front-line support so they can identify tag problems and forward them onto the correct department.


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