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Fate of Tiscali known by end of June 2008

For those watching the unfolding story of what will happen to the 1.9 million broadband customers of Tiscali UK it seems they will have to wait until the end of June 2008 according to Tiscali chief executive Mario Rosso.

To date, Vodafone is rumoured to be in the running, but many other names are mentioned. Not all the companies interested in Tiscali want to buy the combined Italy and UK operations. According to DigitalSpy some of those interested such as Sky, Fast Web and Wind (Italian mobile operator) are interested in just parts of the group.


Does this mean I will(at last) get a cheaper dsl..present £23.Have stuck with my 1meg line for 5 years. WTH at least it almost always works! Any recommendations for sky ?

  • Royahoward
  • over 12 years ago

Royahoward post in the forums for a proper answer, in any case you should not be be paying £23.44 ring up and get a better deal or try another ISP

  • TheBaron
  • over 12 years ago

Royahoward I would recomend SKY I changed over 6 months ago, even get to speak to someone in this country if you need help. Very good if like me you have a hearing difficulty.And it is a low cost call number. I was with Tiscali best move as I only get 1Mgb on the line.

  • Corgilass333
  • over 12 years ago

I was with Tiscali and they wont leave me alone, one department does not know what the others are doing. I left them 8 months ago and they still want money I do not owe them. They have even threatend to cut my internet connection. There customer services is a waste of time.

  • bigjoe
  • over 12 years ago

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