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BT has 100,000 signed up to its BT FON Wi-Fi community

Here is a thought, with 100,000 BT FON wireless hotspots around the UK now, and some 3,000 BT Openzone hotspots we wonder how long before great swathes of the UK will have a complete Wi-Fi blanket allowing you to stay permanently connected to the Internet.

BT has announced that it has attracted over 100,000 of its BT Total broadband customers to agree to share some of their broadband connections capacity via the BT FON system. The payback for people who agree to this is that when out and about they can access broadband via other FON hotspots in addition to BT Openzone hotspots, the 13 UK wireless cities and the other 90,000 FON hotspots around the world.

People who sign-up to the BT Total Broadband Anywhere package will automatically be registered on the BT FON network.

The BT FON network is currently restricted to BT Total customers, but at some point in the summer customers of other broadband providers will be able to join the BT FON community through the purchase of a router.


I wasn't clear i you were saying a "BT FON" user is different to any other FON user - anyone can become a "Fonero" via

  • herdwick
  • over 12 years ago

Presumably they mean that "from the summer", BT will be selling and supporting FON routers. I wonder if non-BT customers joing "BT FON" will be able to use BT Openzone hotspots. I would have thought that makes a big difference in places such as railway stations, where there probably isn't a FON router in range.

  • jrawle
  • over 12 years ago

Pffft wifi... code for flakey connection and security risk.... they can keep it

  • over 12 years ago

Oh and lets hope the router they flog is better than the home hub

  • over 12 years ago

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