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Oftel Propose SLA for unbundling of the BT Local Loop

Following on from what has been published on other sites today, the full Oftel release is available here.

The background appears to be that in February Oftel ordered BT to provide a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for unbundling( LLU ), but in May a number of operators made complaints about the offer BT made. Now in August Oftel have announced the new SLA, which is now out for a consultation period that ends on 20th September 2001.

For example, Oftel proposes that BT should pay £10 for each working day an unbundled loop is unavailable and £80 per operator for each working day's delay in providing co-location facilities.

This is apparently the first time Oftel have attempted to impose an SLA on BT, I say attempt as it's upto the LLU operators to accept the SLA and after this perhaps some serious work will start on the LLU rollout.

The question for those of us with ADSL from BTwholesale, is why are Oftel not enforcing a similar SLA for that rollout.


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