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O2 release business broadband and nationwide coverage

O2 have today announced that their broadband services are available nationwide using BT's wholesale network to reach areas where the local telephone exchange has not been unbundled by O2. Customers on the BT based services will receive all the usual features of the O2 service including unlimited downloads (a fair usage policy applies), free 24/7 UK support and an O2 wireless router. It comes in at £10 more than the service available directly on O2 unbundled exchanges- £22.50. There is the usual £5 discount if you are an O2 mobile customer dropping the price to £17.50. More details on the O2 Home Broadband Access site.

Additionally, O2 have also launched their business broadband packages as of today. Prices start from £15 per month (ex-vat) for an up to 8Mbps service and cost £5 extra if you are not an O2 mobile customer. The up to 20Mbps service is available for £22.50 (£27.50 for non O2 mobile customers). There is no connection charge, as per the home broadband connections until 30th June 2008. Again, if you are not in an unbundled area, the O2 Business Broadband Access product is available on the BT wholesale service for £25 or £30 without the O2 mobile discount. The business products come with no download limits, an O2 wireless box, static IP, an enhanced support service and McAfee security software for up to 5 PCs. All contracts are one year.

One reassuring point for potential customers is O2's commitment to ensure that you are on the right package. Before completing the purchase, a line test will be performed to estimate the speed that you should be able to receive on the service and this will form the basis for the package that you are to be connected to. After you have been connected, the speed you can attain will be checked again and customers will be switched to the most appropriate package to ensure they are not paying more than they need to.

If for any reason you are not happy with the service, O2 offer a 50 day money back guarantee which allows you to cancel the service and receive a refund on all charges that you have received for the broadband service so far. O2 will also provide a prepaid returns envelope to allow for return of the O2 wireless box. More details of this are available in the O2 terms & conditions.


"Customers on the BT based services will receive all the usual features of the O2 service including unlimited downloads (a fair usage policy applies)"

On a BT-based service any so called "unlimited" service will be subject to exchange contention/congestion + possibly peak time traffic shaping.

A world of difference compared to "usual features" of the LLU O2 service where there is little contention and certainly no traffic shaping.

  • keith_thfc
  • over 12 years ago

O2 don't traffic shape do they? So most likely just be exchange based contention, is this IP stream or DataStream?

  • adriandaz
  • over 12 years ago

Does anyone know how I can tell if my slow broadband connection is down to my pc or my broadband provider (Tiscali)? I ran a speed test here and it tells me I have a download speed of 2.06Mbs and an upload speed of 243 Kbps. My laptop a dell Inspiron 8600, is about 3-4 years old some and I have Windows and is running Windows 2000.

Any or advice help would be greatly appreciated!

  • carolinenational
  • over 12 years ago

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