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Sky broadband customer numbers up 19%

Sky have increased their broadband subscriber base by 229,000 in the first quarter of this year, 41% of which were new customers to Sky. As of 31st March, Sky had 1.428 million broadband customers and 88% of those were connected via the Sky LLU network, where Sky operate their own equipment in the telephone exchange. Compared with this time last year, this is a broadband customer increase of just under 1 million. Broadband has seen a total investment of £127 million over the 9 months of the financial year so far, £36 million of which in the last quarter.

Triple play customers on the combined Sky "See, Speak, Surf" package only account for one in ten customers, although 57% of broadband customers also took Sky Talk. This leaves obvious room for expansion into the competitive triple/quad play markets which will be needed if they intend to reach 10 million overall customers (currently at 8.888 million) by 2010. Overall, Sky had a net customer additions of 56,000 for the quarter, up 10% year on year, and the lowest third quarter churn (10.5%) for four years. For the nine month period revenue increased by 10% to £3.7 billion with operating profit of £521 million, a decline of £36 million.

The full interim statement for the nine months can be found here (PDF).


When sky hit saturation point it will be interesting to see what happens. Right now they are operating as a decent isp but will they be happy to carry on subsidising it from tv revenues.

  • chrysalis
  • over 12 years ago

Do you know what saturation point will be?

Jeremy Daroch announced the another day they had soft launched WLR and had 100,000 customer's with full LLU due in the next year and with their VoD on it's way, it seems they're going to be busy.

  • CaptainW
  • over 12 years ago

Does anyone know how I can tell if my slow broadband connection is down to my pc or my broadband provider (Tiscali)? I ran a speed test here and it tells me I have a download speed of 2.06Mbs and an upload speed of 243 Kbps. My laptop a dell Inspiron 8600, is about 3-4 years old some and I have Windows and is running Windows 2000.

Any or advice help would be greatly appreciated!

  • carolinenational
  • over 12 years ago

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