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Ofcom consults on Next Generation Networks for new builds

Despite the falling house prices, there are still many new build developments going up and it is rather surprising that these localised communities have not already been receiving super fast Internet access with built in structured cabling within new housing estates or blocks of flats.

Ofcom has started a consultation on building fibre networks in new build areas referring to the three million new properties which the government expects to be built by 2020. BT's Openreach division has indicated its interest in deploying fibre networks to developments of more than 1,000 homes, raising questions about the regulatory environment which is necessary to encourage this push without discouraging competition.

In building new networks, the marginal cost of installing a second or further fibre at the same time is quite low, or even simply leaving enough space in ducting for such fibres to be laid in the future helps to prevent the need to dig up streets and incur the high barriers to entry. Ofcom wants to encourage multiple telecoms operators to be able to compete in the local loop through their own infrastructure. It does however accept that even if multiple providers are allowed to install fibre it doesn't ensure competition will drive the market forward, so it also accepts the need to look at regulated wholesale access as presently available within the copper network.

The Ofcom website contains more information on the consultation including details of how to respond:
Promoting higher speed broadband in new build housing developments


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