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Tesco set to take supermarket into the digital download arena

Music downloads from are usually encumbered with Digital Rights Management which can make copying files to some music players difficult as not all devices support DRM. Other sites such as have offered MP3 files without DRM for a while, and it seems Tesco may have decided to join the bandwagon according to the gadget websiteT3.

A new downloads store is on its way to in May, offering 1.6 million files as DRM free MP3 downloads and the remaining 1.7 million will be windows media files with DRM but conversion will continue. The new store will not stop at music- some 100 free Flash based games will be available with the promise of TV shows, films and full games in the future.

Tesco already runs a DVD/game/blu-ray rental service in conjunction with LoveFilm who currently offer a movie download service where you can rent a DRM protected copy of Die Hard for £3.49 for the higher quality (1.4GB) version or £2.99 for a lower quality (727MB) version. The file sizes suggest a bit rate of 1.8Mbps which should match or be better than Freeview digital TV.


Are there any companies who haven't launched a MP3 download service yet?

  • keith_thfc
  • over 12 years ago

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