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How Many People can get ADSL?

BTwholesale has published some data about the current level of DSL coverage in the UK here is a breakdown:

60% (13) million households
52% primary/secondary schools
68% nursery schools
71% colleges
53% public libraries
70% existing Internet users
are connected to a DSL enabled exchange.

There is also some additional info on where all the people who have DSL live, it would appear that Central London has the most orders - no great surprise really. Demand is growing in Outer London, Central Manchester and Central Birmingham, outside these areas smaller hot spots of demand exist which are Cheltenham, Eastbourne, Harrogate, Leamington Spa, Milton, Newbury Keynes, Winchester and York. Demand elsewhere is still considered low - awareness of exchanges actually having been enabled is probably the root cause, i.e. these exchanges werent enabled in the initial rush so people gave up. To try and correct this an ISP independent campaign may be on the way, something along the lines of the old Milk Marketing Board comes to mind.

As for further rollout BTwholesale state that so long as demand is there and the commericial arithmetic adds up then new exchanges will continue to be provisioned.

Lets hope the proposed changes due in the next few months, i.e. wires-only and self installation will bring the install fee down in price and maybe a further £5-£10 of the monthly price making the product more attractive, therefore driving demand, for business's the introduction of the SLA/SLG may sway a lot of them. In an effort to make the installtion process smoother BTwholesale are in the process of trialling more automated systems to reduce the number of mistakes in the orders process and make it faster for ISP's to provide feedback to users on the progression of orders.


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