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Newnet enlarge LLU footprint

Newnet have announced an expansion to its LLU network with 3 exchanges coming live over the next month, and a further 3 in development. Cosham has already been enabled, and Havant will come live this month with Gosport planned for early March. This adds to the existing, Fareham, Portsmouth Central and Portsmouth North that have already been enabled with Newnet LLU.

Newnet have plans to head further north for March, with Reading, Basingstoke and Bracknell expected to become live. One advantage of starting locally is the cost savings in connecting the exchanges back to Newnet as interconnects to backhaul the traffic to the Newnet network will be cheaper. This enables Newnet to provide a faster service to its customers, with less bottlenecks at the exchange.

Currently, Newnet provide up to 24Meg services from these exchanges to both Consumers and Businesses. For more information, and to check availability, see the Newnet website.


I still dunno why anyone given pricing and what you get for your money in terms of usage would choose newnet for an adsl2+ LLU service, but given how popular and a ray of sunshine they seem to be in the ISP world its still good news and nice to see they are taking the product seriously and expanding it. :)

  • over 13 years ago

I have BT based Newnet (8192Kbps sync). I regularly check my line throughput which is regularly over 6500kbps. I have friends with 'big name' ISPs whose service collapses in the evening to less than 25% of the midday service. Newnet's backbone can support it's user base.

  • tony150
  • over 13 years ago

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