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Wireless hardware almost one third of support calls

It looks like the Christmas period was a popular time for people to sit down and try get their various gifts that had wireless connectivity up and running. Computeract!ve has some info on the various types of calls received by the BT Home IT Support team over Christmas.

  • Almost one third of calls were queries about connecting to wireless broadband.
  • 15% were callers needing assistance with new software applications
  • 10% of callers sought help on using new digital hardware
  • 10% sought help with new operating systems on their computer

BT Home IT Support is not free but does provide people who don't have a resident IT support agent access to someone who will try to help people setting up equipment, either over the telephone or by arranging a home visit.

It is of little surprise that wireless connectivity featured high on the list, many devices now come with built in Wi-Fi allowing you to access a broadband connection at home or when out or about. For parents these days it is not just a case of ensuring batteries come with any toys purchased, but that it is all ready to work if tantrums are to be avoided.


Cant say im shocked running a router with wireless even today can be more trouble than its worth and even unreliable if you live in a home that wasnt build that recently and has proper solid walls rather than the modern day plasterboard rubbish. I for one still prefer good old wires (maybe im just old).

  • over 13 years ago

I wonder how many of the calls were due to the inadequacies of the instructions for BT Home's own routers.
When I was setting up a friends BT-supplied wireless router, I found the manual almost completely useless and found help only from searching for other users' descriptions.

  • ceedee
  • over 13 years ago

Is Sky doing something right with its pre-configured routers that BT isn't?
My neighbour has awful trouble with his BT Home kit and usually ends up on the end of a 2 hour call to BT for help. To say he isn't happy is an understatement and thinking of switch to Sky.

  • tcrooks3843
  • over 13 years ago

Oh the fun of wireless - definitely more complicated than connecting an rj-45* to enable connectivity between two devices... thus no surprise there I guess - but would I rather go back to wired devices? Hell no!

ps. I have 5 wireless devices in a house that's on three floors: an IP camera, 2 laptops, a slimdevices slimserver, and a wireless bridge for the laser.

*excluding the intricacies of cabling long lengths of wire around a building!

  • volatileacid
  • over 13 years ago

For the very reasons above I keep wireless as a convenience but have just invested in Devolo dLan kit - no extra wiring but good reliable connectivity

  • farci
  • over 13 years ago

As ceedee says BT are not doing themselves any favours from the support side.
I couldn't get my wireless cards to connect and their best answer was Just buy a new laptop, win98 is old and not supported!

The homehub keeps dropping the connection and its impossible to keep track of how much bandwidth is being used and at what times.

There really should be more control over all the providers instead of them advertising unprovisionable service with the promise of free this and that and hanging you out to dry when it doesn't work out!

  • bt-tommy
  • over 13 years ago

trouble is from the ISPs point of view that there are two sides to the wireless router connection. The routers connection to the radius which is the actual internet connection and then the wireless connection between the router and pc/laptop etc. if the router is connected to the net fine, and they cant find a fault with the router its feasable it is a home network problem rather than hardware problem from the ISPs point of view - and that is where the support line is usually drawn as they will never want to get involved in home networks!

  • wispy
  • over 13 years ago

Well I am not a new BT Broadband User and have spent the whole of the holiday period trying to connect through a Home Hub which is Clearly inadequate and unfit for purpose. The usual advice is to diconnect the Home Hub for at least 5 secs, and then reconnect. It is long overdue for BT to replace the old Home Hubs with improved ones. In addition the home website is usually not available at busy period. Bit of a problem when the mail is Spam filtered through the site before transferring to Outlook Express!
I am also just waiting for Sky to offer Broadband locally.

  • terryd58
  • over 13 years ago

I must be a bit of a rarity. I switched to Home hub months ago without any problems. I have recently 'joined' BT Vision as well, again no problems - well except that sometimes when recording programs the timing system cuts off a few minutes before the programme ends.

  • wynwilliams
  • over 13 years ago

@wispy - the service is home IT support, nothing to do with ISP support.

  • nettech
  • over 13 years ago

ah yea, my bad. my new year beer goggles havent quite fallen off yet :)

  • wispy
  • over 13 years ago

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