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Cannot get broadband in Scotland, be sure to register

Broadband for Scotland is collating a list of all those who want broadband but are unable to get it currently. The aim is then to deliver an affordable and sustainable broadband service to businesses and homes in Scotland where providers currently do not provide a service.

The deadline for registration is 18th January 2008 and is being publicised in the Scottish press. Registration can be carried out online on the Broadband Scotland Survey or by telephoning 0844 499 2722.

The people who should register are:

  • Those unable to get broadband and wish to register their details in connection with the Scottish Government's Broadband Reach Project.
  • People who have tried to order a broadband service at a Scottish address but have been told that it is UNAVAILABLE.
  • Those people who placed an order for broadband at a Scottish address, it was accepted, but the ISP was unsuccessful in providing it.
  • Those with a broadband order at a Scottish address that was refused due to there being no capacity left at the exchange.


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