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Epitiro launch VoIP quality diagnosis tool

The Internet metrics firm Epitiro has launched a VoIP quality measurement tool which is aimed at helping ISPs deal with problems reported by users on Voice-over-IP services which are becoming increasingly prevalent.

The tool named VocaLite works within a web browser and can be run by users before contacting their service provider or at the request of their provider to identify the causes of any problems. The results of tests are automatically sent through to the Internet service provider to assist in diagnosis. The statistics produced by the tool include call setup time, dial tone delay and voice quality and provides simple pass/fail information to ISP staff who can then escalate matters only if required to second line support staff.

"Long contact center queues frustrate customers and increase the likelihood of them looking for an alternative ISP. VocaLite gives the service provider a head start in fixing the fault and empowers their customers to diagnose the problem for themselves. [..] Our products offer service providers the intelligence they need to gain and retain customers by monitoring and benchmarking their network performance. VocaLite measures the call quality across a provider’s network from an end-user’s perspective. This enables providers to keep a close eye on their networks and fix any potential service affecting problems before they reach the end-user."

Gavin Johns (Managing Director), Epitiro


How do you actually run this test or am I mistaken and that it can't be run by us!?

  • gunnersboy
  • over 13 years ago

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