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Response to BT Wholesale price cut

We've all seen the press releases from a number of ISPs with reactions to the BT Wholesale £5 price cut that was announced on Friday last week. In order to let everyone know what has changed, and without adding a news item for every ISP's release, we've compiled a list of providers who have provided us with the information (price cut, date effective and does it apply to new and existing users) The list as of 17:30 on Wednesday 01 August is:

ISP When New Users Existing Users
Pipex immediate yes yes
Zen 01-Sept yes yes*
Andrews & Arnold now (new accounts) yes yes
Freedom2Surf immediate yes yes
Nildram 01-Sept yes yes**
Plusnet immediate yes yes

* from next renewal date after 1 September
** Prices fall by £7.50 (more than wholesale reduction) Effective from next renewal date after 1 September but annual subscriptions will receive a free extension to their contract.


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