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Prodigy Internet fined £30,000 by Ofcom

Ofcom has levied a fine of £30,000 upon Prodigy Internet Ltd following the failure of Prodigy to comply with requirements to provide information to Ofcom.

"As part of its ongoing investigation into Prodigy’s compliance with GC22 and GC14.7, Ofcom issued a notice to Prodigy under section 135 of the Communications Act 2003 (‘the Act') requiring the provision of specified information. As Prodigy failed to comply with this notice, a notification under section 138 of the Act was issued to Prodigy on 31 May 2007. Prodigy also failed to comply with this notification.

Ofcom considers that Prodigy has failed to provide all the required information. Given Prodigy’s ongoing failure to comply with the section 135 notice and having followed the procedures set out in the Act, Ofcom has decided to impose a penalty of £30,000 on Prodigy. A non-confidential version of the penalty notice issued to Prodigy on 9 November 2007 under section 139 of the Act is currently being prepared and will be published shortly.

Ofcom's investigation into the activities of Prodigy continues. "

Extract from Ofcom Competition Bulletin

This fine comes after Ofcom has been monitoring the complaints coming into its offices about broadband providers that were not complying with the General Condition 22 (the rules governing migrations between broadband providers). General Condition 14.7 refers to not complying with the rules of implementing a dispute resolution scheme.

Since the migration rules were first put in place earlier this year, Ofcom has seen a steady decline in complaints which suggests providers are by and large getting used to the new rules and complying with them. It would seem Prodigy has been fined due to continued non-compliance and it is interesting to note that the investigation continues.

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Finally ofcom do something about providers not playing by the rules... could this be because the EU are about to get involved in regulation here and ofcom want to put on a good act that they are indeed in control?? Who knows, but either way atleast somethings been done, though that fine isnt much, if this was Virgin, Sky or BT that fine would be like pocket change for them.

  • over 13 years ago

Generally in situations like this, the fine is proportionate to the size of the company involved. So BT or Virgin Media would be risking a much higher fine if similar things occurred most likely.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 13 years ago

Hmmm I guess on one hand thats fair, but on another its a bit unfair against the likes of BT. Everyone knows I don’t like BT but even I can see that this would be a case of one persons crime barely goes punished while another persons does.
Still must remain positive, atleast ofcom did do something.

  • over 13 years ago

I've no idea what it would be in this case, but the fine really should exceed by a good margin the additional profit gained through the offence. If companies make any additional money, however small, after a fine, it's still worth their while to try it on and constitutes more of a hindrance than a punishment.

  • carrot63
  • over 13 years ago

Correct carpetburn - pocket change to BT. However I find myself getting into more and more issues with ISP's and do you ever see them get fined? Ofcom shouldn't be singling out Prodigy here, they should be targeting the likes of Tosscali, Lemon and BT Total S***

  • gayboy-ds
  • over 13 years ago

I've never had a problem getting migration codes from BT or Demon even within the 12month contract to move provider, I can't speak for Tiscali though I've never been with them.

  • AdamGz0r
  • over 13 years ago

I think Ofcom should be more strict and enforce their rules more quickly and certainly more often.
I would also like to see Ofcom put the money they fine the companies by putting it back into the hands of the consumer. Does it say anywhere what Ofcom do with the money they get from fining a Businesses?

  • Gzero
  • over 13 years ago

quote"I would also like to see Ofcom put the money they fine the companies by putting it back into the hands of the consumer."
Id like to see them give it to the competition, oh how that would rub salt into some companys wounds, just imagine if virgin got fined and sky gets the money or vice versa LOL maybe then they wouldnt bicker like kids and would play things straight.

  • over 13 years ago

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