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UK Online and IoD launches guide for small businesses

UK Online and the Institute of Directors (IoD) have launched a pocket book guide to help small businesses understand the benefits of broadband.

Based on statistics from Eurostat, the UK is falling behind the rest of Europe with only 77% of small businesses connected to broadband against figures ranging from 86 to 89% in France, Spain, Sweden and Finland.

"Being online nowadays is fundamental as the Internet has placed almost unlimited information and choice in the hands of the consumer. Not having a website, even a basic site which describes your business and provides contact details, is a serious omission as the first thing most people do now is Google for what they want searching for websites to compare services and products before buying."

Chris Stening (Managing Director), UK Online

The IoD stresses that Internet content is often focused on the 'needs of consumers' whilst business information which is complex, technical and aimed at a strategic level. They argue that there is a need for more information in an easy to digest format for smaller companies.

The Guide which is available to download contains information how to get online with examples of setting up a website and using the Internet to benefit your business in many ways.

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  • herdwick
  • over 13 years ago

Yeah and its toilet. I did exactly the same. And a copy of it fell out of YorkshireForward this morning too. Something else for my yet to be weighed recycling bin...

  • PeteK
  • over 13 years ago

Its ok, but a bit basic, isnt it? Almost insulting.

What it does not tell you is that in order to protect the business you need to run as many virus and malware programmes as you can, a single one doesn't do the trick. As soon as you do that, the machines slow down, significantly.

  • ianwmptc
  • over 13 years ago

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