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Tom Alexander new boss for Orange UK

The current chief executive at Orange UK Mr Ghillebaert is to take a new role as executive vice-president of sales at France Telecom and the vacancy in Orange UK will be filled by Tom Alexander.

Tom Alexander was a founder and former chief executive of Virgin Mobile, but left when the mobile operator was bought by NTL. By moving to Orange UK, he will soon be going head to head with the Virgin Media group as Orange plans the launch of its TV over broadband service which will rival the quadruple bundle area currently dominated by Virgin Media.

The task at Orange UK will not be small. In the last year or so customer service ratings appear to have fallen with our recent round-up in August 2007 showing a 6 point drop in the 12 months up till then. A Watchdog report earlier in March 2007 also highlighted the problems at Orange.

As the original article in the Financial Times points out, with Orange having interests in many diverse areas, efforts to improve things must not be at the expense of the more profit making areas such as the Orange UK mobile business.


lets hope he pulls some fingers out of backsides and improves things

  • over 13 years ago

He has a hard job but lets hope he is focused on bringing back good old fashioned Uk customer service

  • specialops
  • over 13 years ago

Amen to that, us British people in general always give second chances its too bad alot of the time the second chance gets screwed up also. Personally i would love to see the guy turn the company around and make sure as many people as possible are happy to pay for the service, whether that actually happens i guess will soon be seen.

  • over 13 years ago

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