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Make money with Plusnet and your friends

PlusNet have revamped their 'referral' scheme to attract new clients by allowing you to refer friends to their service and make money in the process. The system works like this: If you refer someone to their service, you receive an on-going discount on your own subscription as long as they are a subscriber. Now, this is where it gets interesting--If you refer accounts to a value higher than your subscription, they will pay you the difference. All this information is managed through their web site.

For every DSL Home customer, you get a discount of £2.00 whilst for every DSL Business you get £6.00 each month. This does allow you to significantly reduce the cost of your subscription if you are in a position to get people signed up, but needless to say, *we* don't get paid for saying this, nor recommending any ISPs. ;-) [seb]


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