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Joost video player available without an invite

Joost has had a lot of press coverage but very few people using it at present. It has finally appeared as a version 1.0 beta release which means that you can download and start to use the player without the need for a special invite from a friend. informitv has taken a look at the user interface and also highlights the availability of another new broadband video player Babelgum.

If watching TV over broadband connections becomes commonplace in the traditional unicast format (where data is streamed from a central hosting centre all the way to homes) then even in countries beyond the UK we are going to see broadband providers creaking under the strain due to limited network capacity. One solution adopted by HomeChoice since 2000 for delivering broadband television has been to deploy video servers that serve a relatively small area, cutting down on the amount of expensive backhaul required. This is particular useful for programmes which are watched by many users, even if they are time shifted. Until wide scale adoption of multicast technology (where the stream is only sent one to each service provider, each exchange, etc. and then distributed to end users at the local level) satellite and digital terrestrial will remain far more efficient content delivery systems, particularly for high definition content.


cool may have to go check this out :)
oh and as to the quote "we are going to see broadband providers creaking under the strain due to limited network capacity"
Ive said all along that is going to happen sooner or later, im even kinda debating it with a provider in the forums at the moment. Lets hope this service and others which obviously will follow is a wake up call.

  • over 13 years ago

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