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Kent TV goes live has gone live and is the first local authority broadband TV channel in the UK. News of the two year pilot first appeared in April 2007, the company that won the £1.6 million contract was Ten Alps which is Bob Geldof's production company.

The service offers a number of channels such as Arts & Leisure, Business, Education, Environment, Health, Local Government, Tourism, Travel and a Your Say channel for people to provide feedback. In total at present there are over 120 videos available, which should grow over time.

The site is free to use, and aims to fund itself through advertising incoming. As highlighted in the, services like this have the ability to impact on things like local newspapers. While a broadband TV channel may impact sales if the service is popular, it should offer opportunities for local newspapers to produce content for the service.


Definately from first glance not worth the money its cost. Basically the clips are nothing more than those poor bloated public information films, like the ones you have to watch when you join a new job lol... ah well another waste of public cash.

  • over 12 years ago

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